Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Lexus TVC Southern Alps, New Zealand


Chuck Berry Zoukout Skydive Party Flyer


Multisport Adventures. Flying & Skydiving at the Good Vibes Boogie 2011

Between 2008 & May 2011, there were many dreams that kept me in the shed, building our syndicates Rans S6S microlight. One dream was to fly to the annual Good Vibes Skydive Boogie in Motueka, New Zealands most awesome skydive event. This August, the dream was realised.

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First skydive at 17 in 1984

6000 skydives

Participant in NZ freefall formation record

NZ canopy formation flying record holder

Participant in two separate world record attempts for largest freefall formations

NZ national skydiving champs; 1st canopy formation flying (sequential); 2nd canopy formation flying (rotations); 1st team accuracy; 1st individual accuracy

NZ Parachute Team 1992-3

World Parachute Champs China '92; 4th place



Hold on for your life! There's no thrill greater than jumping from an aircraft with a parachute attached to your back and free falling at unbelievable speeds to the on-coming ground below. When the chute opens, your world transforms from extreme to divine as you float through the silent sky. Discover the best way to get started and prepare yourself for a true extreme sport that sends you hurtling through the air!

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