Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


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Pink Lake Wingsuiting

Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)Happy Valentines Day 2014 from Middle Island at 200 kphWingsuiting high above the Southern OceanLanding on the glorious white sandy beach of Middle Island

In Febuary 2014 I teamed up with the Red Bull Australia crew & my long time skydive cameraman & buddy Sol Vallis to travel to Esperance, Western Australia in preparation to skydive above one of the natural wonders of the world.

Sited in the Recherche Archipellago in the Southern Ocean off the south coast of Western Australia, lies Middle Island, the site of Lake Hillier, better known as the Pink Lake. This natural phenomanon arises from a dye created by the organisms Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria in this salt water lake to produce the vivid pink colour during the Australian summer.

My jumping crew of Sol Vallis, A.J. Dale & myself flew to Middle Island to meet up with the Red Bull boat crew & representative of the National Parks, already on station at the island.

What an incredible place to see, especially as we begin to get a birds eye view as Sol & myself climb higher in the helicopter before our first jump from 8000 feet. Middle Island starts to look like a tiny insignificant spec in the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean, especially as the wind had been increasing sine our arrival.

I wore a tuxedo for the first jump, clutching a rose while freefalling back to earth as Sol flew above me, snapping glorious shots above the island.

The next four jumps were in my wingsuit, jumping from up to 9000 feet & flying most of the length of the island, into wind to ensure my parachute opens upwind of my small landing area on the beach.

Flying above this small island with it's iconic Pink Lake was something unreal. The brilliant deep blue of the surrounding deep water gave way to a rich tourquois in the shallows, leading to the striking white sandy beach, then the green of the bush & finally the bubble gum pink of the lake.

What a brilliant place to skydive & experience the wonder of nature in all it's amazing glory.

Many thank to the whole team who made this possible.

Red Bull Gives me Wings :)