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Chuck Berry - Helicopter Swing - Time to Jump

Paratenting at the New Zealand International Airshow 2013

Paratenting under the Red Bull WigwamStatic line jump from the helicopterA beaautiful deploymentCutting away the Wigwam...& holding one riserWhat a fun way to entertain the crowd

The NZ International Airshow organiser asked me to come up with a stunt for the show. What could be more fun than doing a static line jump with the Red Bull Wigwam event tent, from a helicopter?
By wearing two harnesses, I could jump the tent, fly it for 30 seconds, release it, fall away & still have my full skydive rig to land with my normal, square parachute.

What fun to get in the heli, climb away to 2000' overhead where I throw a drifter (a roll of newspaper with a 10' tail of crepe paper) to assess wind drift. Important when jumping a tent.
The heli climbs to 3000' & runs in, My checks done, I spot the heli into the right location upwind of the landing zone, climb out onto the skid, check again... the step off backwards & watch the lines snake out of the deployment bag, followed by the canopy which flaps as it begins to inflate.The noise of the helicopter & freefall are  replaced with an airy peace while hanging under an unsteerable tent.
At 2500' I pull the release handle while holding the Wigwam's right set of lines, acellerating under a now uninflated tent...kicking.
Time to let the crow off the hook & open my main parachute & land.

This was my first drifter throw, static line jump, roundy jump & cut away for many years. It took me back to my very early days in parachuting.

Such good fun at the show with some fine folk.