Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Shane McConkey   Uncharted Expedition   photo Graeme Murray


Wingsuiting high above the Southern Ocean

Miles & Julian do The One

Chuck, Miles, Julian & Rob go river crossing at The OneMiles getting AirJulian opening Chuck opening at The OneRed Bull Gives You WiingsPost base jump laughter with the boysMiles Daisher, Red Bull & The One

The One with Miles Daisher & Julian Boulle

Earlier in the year I had the great pleasure to hook up, yet again with the irrepressible Miles Daisher MD & meet for the first time the most talented wingsuit pilot, Julian Boulle MD. Yep, we are the Doctors Three. On a mission this time to my favourite backyard base jump, The One.
Miles has been here before when we first met on the Discovery Channel show "Extreme Tribes" but didn't get to jump due to extremely hazardous snow conditions on the climb to the top... the fact that we were scared when running out of the path of an avalanche coming down from the slopes above.
This trip was different, the weather gods smiled as the jumping team of Miles, Jules & myself headed up the track along with Rob Pine & Ants Hansen taking photos as well as Ant's kids, Oban & Tana. The walk takes you up an alpine valley, through native bush, following a steep rushing stream, fed by the melting glaciers above.
Our first dose of excitement came in crossing that creek, which was swollen more than usual with freezing glacial thaw. Miles was new to this wading through rivers stuff so we all linked arms & took on the river as a team. That's the water obstacle dealt with.
I really enjoyed taking both Miles & Jules on the climb up The One, which to me, is part of the magic of this jump. These boys both love the exposure & I can hear that excited banter you get from your friends, just before doing something exciting. We climb the trees on the cliff then jumar up through some vertical sections before resolving the climbing obstacle. Then..."WOW... Picture Quality". A view of the snow capped mountains, hanging glaciers & alpine tarns. My guests are impressed so far as we descend to the edge of the 850 foot high cliff.
We geared up like excited kids & went to the edge to look down into the jump we'd just worked so hard for. The nearby waterfall was swinging through our fall line but would periodically fall straight down, opening the way.
It was so cool to share the launch point with these two Doctors of Fun. Miles took the first plunge & stepped into space. Yeharrrrrrrr.  Before the waterfall can swing back, Jules is ready to catch the moment. He launches from the cliff, face down, then rolls over, beams me the biggest smile along with a Peace sign. Yeah. What a special thing to share. The boys have both landed below & I can hear their merriment as the wind swings the waterfall right across my line. There's nothing like being all primed, ready to go... then wait, due conditions. In time the waterfall straightens for long enough for me to step back from the edge, take a breath, holler good & loud... & step into the glorious void.
In those brief seconds of freefall, I see the world slowed down, in technicolour 3D with realistic surround sound, watching the ground get closer...for real. There'll NEVER be a simulator that could ever get close to this experience.
What a great adventure to share with my friends. We link up to cross the river once more as the serenity of the bush is replaced with the sound of Miles raving about what a rad day he just had...while Jules & I nod, agree & grin.
What a lovely day.

Video coming soon.