Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Early in the build


Chuck Berry Zoukout Skydive Party Flyer

Chuck Skydives for Gudang Garam TV Commercial

Chuck exits HOT over the Doolans BasinChuck skid riding on HOT        photo Rob PineHeliworks Choppers on standby     photo  Rob PineLottie helps with packing.           photo  Rob PineChuck landing in the Doolans Basin       photo Rob PineChuck landing              photo  Rob Pine

Chuck Skydives for Gudang Garam TV Commercial

In late 2009 I worked with director, Mark Toia of Zoom Film TV to perform the skydiving & snow running stunts for this Gudang Garam TV commercial. A great team of people came together at The Remarkables ski field in Queenstown to shoot the ad.  Johnny from Heliworks did the jump flying in an E model Hughes 500, taking myself & camera flyer Lottie Blair to 14 000 feet to jump into my snowy landing zone in the Doolans Basin at a height of 5500 feet.
The jump day was challenging due to strong upper winds & flat light making depth perception difficult in the snowy environment & the fact I was jumping a parachute I wasn't familiar with. Still, that's all part of professional skydiving & doing your best in the conditions on the day.
Mark, shooting with the amazing Red camera, got the exit shots from a Squirrel helicopter flown in formation by the legendary Alfie Speight. I always enjoy formation flying & being able look into the eyes of the pilot flying an aircraft in close proximity. After getting the "GO" from the camera heli, I jump & feel fantastic to be in my element, free falling above a snowy landscape while Lottie captures the aerial action with a helmet mounted camera. Every jump was followed by a rapid pack job & a return to the heavens to do it again.
What fun.
The snow running involved jumping off a cornice, sailing through the air over the camera crew & punching into the deep snow below, while flailing an ice axe. The avalanche running scene, skidding down the hill & hiding behind a rock was fun, especially when charging toward the crew & not always sliding to a stop before getting to them!
If only my Mum could see me at work!!!