Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Stephan Mueller, Dave Major & Amanda Vicharelli ride the "Garden Seat"


Uncharted Wingsuit BASE Jumping- Sol Vallis & Shane McConkey   photo Graeme Murr

New Zealand Golf Open Parachute Display

Chuck Berry Parachutes into NZ Golf Open   Photo  Otago Daily Times

New Zealand Golf Open Parachute Display

I had the pleasure of parachuting into the closing of the NZ Golf Open at The Hills Golf Course in Queenstown on the 31st Jan 2010.
To add to the fun, I was jumping a 3m x 5m NZ Open flag. I had to build & test jump the flag beforehand to test the deployment & flying characteristics, particularly the amount of weight needed on the bottom of the flag to make it fly correctly.
As usual, the display was full on, the jump timing had to be absolutely precise to fit in with televised coverage of the event.
My landing zone was the 18th green (hallowed ground). Just to add to the fun, a third of the green was occupied by seating for the prize winners, the crowd surrounded the green & there were two scaffolding towers for cameras & the leader board on the approach.
My jump ship was a B4 Eurocopter from Over The Top Helicopters. Pete Willemse provided excellent ground control & counted down my exit as I waited, standing on the skid of the heli.
"GO". Yeeharrrr. I step off the heli, open my old NZ Parachute Team canopy (couldn;'t jump my Red Bull parachute due to sponsorship conflicts with the golf organisers). The flag deployed & flew well as I lined up the 18th green in a rather strong wind. The flag changes my parachute handling but accuracy was critical, concentration intense as I landed on the green.
Yeeharrr. Another flawless display jump in challenging conditions.