Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Rans S9 Chaos flying over Canterbury


Chuck Berry Zoukout Skydive Party Flyer

Rans S9 Chaos Aerobatics

Rans S9 Flyby at Rangitata Island AirfieldRans S9 Chaos flying over CanterburyOur Rans S9 flying in close formation with the photo planeRans S9 banking & crankingA fine evening to fly a Rans S9 Chaos

Aerobatic flying is one of my passions & I get to indulge to the full in the wonderful Rans S9 Chaos microlight ZK-KLI which is based at Rangitata Island Airfield in Canterbury, New Zealand. I am one of ten share holders in the Chaos & we all thrill at taking our baby to the heavens. Powered by a 50hp Rotax 503 2 stroke engine, the Chaos is capable of most any aerobatic maneuver although sustained inverted flight isn't possible at this stage as due to having standard carburetors fitted.
There is something special to be able to fly this aircraft in any attitude & learn the fine art of aerobatics. A lifetime of skydiving has helped immensely when it comes to being comfortable while flying upside down!
I'm thrilled to have had the pleasure of hosting my aerial heros Peter Besenyei & Hannes Arch at my home in Queenstown, their inspiration has been huge to me in my pursuit of fun in the sky. Thanks.