Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Lexus TVC Southern Alps, New Zealand


Amanda.  Guinness World Record Highest Trapeze Act, China 2008


Uncharted Wingsuit BASE Jumping- Miles & Chuck   photo Graeme Murray

Red Bull Uncharted

Wingsuit BASE Exploration. Fiordland, New Zealand. February 2008
Chuck Berry, Miles Daisher, Shane McConkey, Sol Vallis.

Chuck Berry, Shane McConkey, Miles Daisher - China Cave Jump     Photo Chuck
On the China Cave Jump Expedition I joined up with 22 highly experienced Base jumpers from 12 Nationalities to BASE jump into the worlds largest sink hole known as Tiankeng (Sky Hole), as part of...
Chuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - Base Jump

Red Bull Air Force gave me the call to be in KL , what could I say? It was short notice but Miles Daisher was not going to take no for an answer.

Chuck Berry Becks Ad

Now, wingsuit skydiving for the Becks Beer ad campain was totally incredible. The job description was to jump from one heilcopter, fly my wingsuit close by a ground based camera crew, then fly...