Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Rans S9 Chaos flying over Canterbury


A beaautiful deployment

Lexus Pursuit TV Commercial BASE Jumping

Lexus TVC Chuck Base JumpingLexus TVC Southern Alps, New ZealandLexus TVC Chuck Base Jumping. Ready for rehearsal.Lexus TVC Chuck Base Jumping BackflipLexus TVC Chuck Base Jumping with Cameraman Sol VallisLexus TVC Chuck with Sol Vallis & Simon RasmussenLexus TVC Chuck Base Jumping     The Crew

The Lexus Pursuit TV Commercial was a lot of fun to achieve the shots that the director was looking for. A tiny platform was built on the rocky outcrop, big enough for myself & cameraman Sol Vallis who nailed the air to air shot. Safety man Simon Rasmussen led the way to assess the windy conditions & give the cameraman in the helicopter some practice at shooting a rapidly accelerating human. While waiting for the wind to improve, the crew shot the aerials of me on the edge...peering down into the depth of the jump, quite happy to be near the steep stuff.
The wind eased, the jump is on, camera heli is in position & the first assistant director shouts    "....aaaannnndddd..... ACTION!".
Yippee, time to go, step into space & point my toes for seven seconds. Yeeharrrrr. One more solo jump for the camera then Sol & I jump together, Sol gets the shot & the shoot is wrapped.
All very happy.