Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Lexus TVC Southern Alps, New Zealand


Wingsuiting high above the Southern Ocean

Chuck Basejumps Kuala Lumpur! KL Tower 2008

Chuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - Base JumpChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - SkyChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - CrewChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - Over the CityChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - ReadyChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - LandingChuck Berry - Kuala Lumpur - Manara KL Tower Jump - Wings

Red Bull Air Force gave me the call to be in KL , what could I say? It was short notice but Miles Daisher was not going to take no for an answer.

The Project – To jump from the Manara KL Tower 36 times within 3 days.
I see the world’s fourth largest skyscraper as sports equipment the way others might see a diving board at the swimming pool. “I was privileged to have such good access to this wonderful piece of recreational equipment. On the roof I met the previous mayor, who played a part in having the tower built. It was grand to be able to thank him for helping create such a wonderful structure and allow the BASE jumpers to come and play to our hearts content”

Two of the most spectacular jumps we performed in Malaysia were the “Hell-o-copter” and the “Totem,” which I performed with Miles Daisher.

“The ‘Hell-o-copter’ was dreamed up by Miles. I stood on the edge of the tower while Miles got a 20-meter run-up towards me, increasing his pace, reaching out and grabbing my outstretched arm, wrenching us both into space with much momentum to spin like crazy around each other in freefall. The visuals and sensation are fantastic, watching the tower and landscape spinning around us and wondering which way we’ll face when it’s time to let go and open our parachutes in the predetermined sequence”

In these three days we became famous and infamous as the Red Bull Display Team.
“We were constantly doing different and new tricks, as well as being rather vocal about how much fun we were having. We jumped together as a team, displaying our Red Bull colors, and had great fun landing in a high speed, exciting fashion together in a tight landing area at the bottom of the tower where we could interact with the public and media”

One of my next BASE projects is to tackle a couple of  “never been jumped” cliffs in Milford Sound, New Zealand in a project called Red Bull Uncharted. This is particularly challenging as far as access goes. The geography is incredibly steep, having been formed by glacial action and the terrain is insanely rugged which will make for some epic jumps, which we hope to capture on film. My good friends Miles and Shane will be joining me for this one, jumping with 2 of my best friends always makes for an amazing project!