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China Underground Cave Base Jump

Chuck Berry, Shane McConkey, Miles Daisher - China Cave Jump     Photo ChuckMiles Daisher - China Cave Jump - Flip          Photo ChuckChuck & Amanda Vicharelli - China Cave Jump -Trapeze Jump      Photo Dave MajorMiles Daisher - China Cave Jump - First Jump      Photo ChuckChuck Berry - China Cave Jump - Landing Zone     Photo ChuckShane McConkey - China Cave Jump - Deep in the Hole     Photo Dave MajorChuck Berry - China Cave Jump - Setup      Photo
On the China Cave Jump Expedition I joined up with 22 highly experienced Base jumpers from 12 Nationalities to BASE jump into the worlds largest sink hole known as Tiankeng (Sky Hole), as part of China’s National Day Celebrations.

The Sky Hole (aptly named) is the world largest sink hole being 680m deep from its tallest point & 626m across at the top. The cave is shaped much like an inverted bell, wide at the top, narrowing at the bottom with one huge shear 900 foot rock wall cleft by nature with a chasm some 15 stories high looking like a massive Cathedral. This is how it all went down….

“Across the top of the cave a heavy cable had been strung for a tight rope act some years before. A steel garden seat was fitted pulleys so as to hang from the cable & trundle three jumpers away from the sloping edge toward the middle of the Sky Hole. What a place to be, sitting on a seat, hanging from a wire over the Great Sky Hole of China!

My feet come off the seat rail as I launch back first into two back flips. I speed toward the top of the big wall from above & then watch the cliff top fly past while on my still accelerating trajectory. I can see into the Cathedral while in freefall. WOW. Pull time. The near explosive sound of parachute fabric meeting my terminal airspeed of 200kph within the lower amphitheatre created the most incredible cacophony. Straight onto the steering toggles & fly my parachute at speed in through the front doors of this magnificent place to land sweetly under the surface of the earth. The only word to describe this is………… Wonderful”