Wingsuiting over the Pink Lake (Lake Hillier)


Chuck Berry Becks Ad


A beaautiful deployment


First skydive at 17 in 1984

6000 skydives

Participant in NZ freefall formation record

NZ canopy formation flying record holder

Participant in two separate world record attempts for largest freefall formations

NZ national skydiving champs; 1st canopy formation flying (sequential); 2nd canopy formation flying (rotations); 1st team accuracy; 1st individual accuracy

NZ Parachute Team 1992-3

World Parachute Champs China '92; 4th place

Professional skydiver since 1993 specialising in freefall camera work

First basejump in 1990

Sports include; skydiving, basejumping, kayaking, scuba diving, paragliding, snowboarding, climbing (rock, ice, alpine) & enjoying oneself

Freefall photos taken by Chuck have appeared; on billboards in Auckland for Pepsi, Ansett in-flight magazine, Wheetbix card, Cover of recent 'No Limits' calendar, Minolta add, Postcards, numerous adverts & a book.

Numerous newspaper appearances including four front pages.

TV appearances include; Mountain Dew (two shows, both lead stories), Three Sport (two shows), 20/20 (lead story again), Ski Whizz, Too Extreme (Learning Channel in the US-another lead story) shown twice on NZ TV, T.V.2 'Magazine Show', Havoc & Newsboy.

Subject of an award winning Kiwi-Australian hour long documentary on 'The Psychology of Risk'. Aired in NZ, Australia & with the Discovery Channel in the US

Mentor in "Adventure Central", 13 part T.V. series made for 20th Century Fox for the "Discovery Channel", marketed to the US, NZ, Australia & Germany

Stunt man on the locally made Lift' soft drink commercial. Involved skydiving from a helicopter while riding a mountain bike…twice

Mountaineering safety on commercial productions

Mountain Film Unit formed in April 2000. We made a basejumping film called 'The One'.

'Chilli Factor' UK TV Extreme Sports Show; Skydive from tandem paraglider & also fly own paraglider off Coronet Peak, release, freefall & deploy reserve. Passers by alert authorities, ambulance & police appear at scene. TV3 News picks up & airs as major news story